Research / Projects

Most of my research and analytics projects are owned either by my employer or clients. While I cannot share too many details on the methods and data sets of said projects, I am happy to discuss the broad aspects, whether you are simply curious or would like to collaborate. If you are in the latter category, please contact me here.

I do work on individual and pro bono research studies and projects from time to time, along with other B2C, for-profit, and collaborative projects with SFK Inc. Below you will find the details of some, click on the image or title to view.

Please note that while I make every effort to provide data in its original form, some projects may have sensitive information (such as client names) changed or redacted based on standing agreements. These changes are unlikely to influence the substantive portion of the work.

Racial bias and the use of lethal force by law enforcement

Data review that attempts to teach the reader how to analyze and interpret raw data using basic statistical methods.

MSF Access: Making Access a Reality

Pro bono consulting project for Doctors Without Borders. Revised and formatted in 2014 as a business case study.

Privacy Policy & TOS Generator

A GDPR-compliant, and 100% free-to-use open-source policy generator. I was tired of having to pay for trivial clauses on so many of the “free” generators advertised, so I just made my own. Based on the open-source policies from Basecamp.

COVID-19 Reverse Stimulus Calculator

A simple reverse-engineered tax calculator which highlights the dangers of posting seemingly trivial information on social media. Based on the 2020 trend of individuals posting pictures of their COVID-19 stimulus/relief checks from the US government.

Page Content

A web app created in 2019 to help small businesses autonomously manage their business social media presence through intelligent, subject-specific scanning. Licensed through SFK Research.

Note: As of 2020, Page Content has been sold to a private company for an undisclosed sum. If you would like to use Page Content, a similar app called Sociamonials has most of its capabilities.


A hybrid aptitude assessment and personality inventory used during the pre-employment screening process for a client. Designed to eliminate common biases and fallacies in standard pre-employment assessment tests.

Let’s talk about media bias

An analysis of media bias and factual reporting of the top 500 most cited news sources. Asks one fundamental question: How can we become better consumers of the news?

Evolving ACT: Reducing unemployment for U.S. Army veterans

A technology case presentation by my team and I at Georgetown University. This specific project won 1st place in an IBM sponsored competition looking for an optimal post-service employment transition for US Army veterans.

Financing India’s Solar Panels Post RPO Implementation

A project finance case analyzing the feasibility and financial terms of financing a 100MW solar panel project with non-recourse debt.