For me, drawing has always been a form of stress relief. Whenever I am stuck on a problem or need to take a breather, unplanned abstract drawings always seem to get me back on track.

My art form is unique (isn’t everyone’s?) in that I do not map out the drawing in my head, or even decide what I want to draw until I am nearly halfway finished.

Using regular generic office pens (no fancy drawing tools for me), I usually start with a basic abstract figure, either drawn freehand or with a straight edge, and work it into a final product. Most of the drawings are some abstract variations of birds or flowers.

When I want to add a further step, I digitally render some of my images into vector form, then cast a 3-D model of it. I feel these 3-D drawings fuse the analog and digital worlds (of art, I suppose). In a way, it is emblematic of the fusion of artist and machine, what a time to be alive.

You can view some of my artwork below.